We offer In-Person (1-on-1) lessons & group (2-30 students) lessons, with certified
native teachers. All learning materials will be customized to suit the students’
specific needs.

Two Types of In-Person Lessons

1-on-1 Lessons:

Duration of 1-hour or longer

We believe that whole heartedly that 1-on-1 interaction is the most efficient & effective way to see major improvements in overall proficiency.

School Partnership/Group Lesosns:

Group (2-30 students) Lessons

Spanish group classes for schools: Private, public, charter, homeschools or group tutoring. We recommend students to be at a similar level

Pricing for 1-on-1 (In-Person) Lessons

Intensity Level:


Cost Per Class


All Package Features

Flexible Scheduling—- Assigned Homework—- Earn High School/College Credit—–Multiple students can be included in package— Expires after 1 year after date of first official lesson—Proficiency Test for each student that has taken a total of 40 hours following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Pricing for In-Person School Partnerships Group Classes


Cost per Hour


Best For


50 Hours

$90 per hour

2-100 students in total


100 Hours

$82.50 per hour

Save: $750

100-200 students in total

200 Hours

$75 per hour

Save: $3,000

100-300 students in Total

400 Hours

$67.50 per hour

Save: $9,000

200-400 students in Total

800 Hours

$60 per hour

Save: $24,000

200-800 students in Total

All Package Features

Live 1-on-1 or small group (2 to 5 students) instruction—-  Flexible Scheduling—-  Progress Report for Main Teacher—- Earn High School/ College Credit— Prepare for AP or IB National Spanish Exams—–Multiple Teachers may use the hours—  Payment Options—- 30 or 60 minute lesson length option— 24 month expiration date from date of enrollment—- Proficiency Test for each student that has taken a total of 20 hours following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Teacher Training



Weekly hour commitment

Best For


New Spanish Teacher Training

4 months

1 hour live instruction + 10 hours asynchronous work

  • 0 to 2 years experience in teaching Spanish
  • B2 to C2 Proficiency level required to teach Spanish
  • Creating Dynamic & Engaging lesson plans

Professional Development

3 Weeks

2 hours live instruction + 10 hours asynchronous work

  • 2+ years of teaching Spanish
  • Established Spanish teacher
  • Taken During the Summer/Winter Holiday


We accept major credit cards. If you wish to pay via PayPal or bank transfer, please contact us at ([email protected])

After your free trial, you may purchase modules of 10, 20, 40 or 80 hours of lessons. If you would like to purchase a module of 100 hours or more, please let your Advisor know.

This is different for every school But we are able to accommodate the students and teachers schedule. Lessons may be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or customized schedule.

This really depends on your goals and commitment level. Do you want to reach a high fluency level or do you want to just brush up on your Spanish before a trip?

We usually recommend taking 40 hours to receive 2 semester credits of Spanish. We will then email you questions to fill out in order for your child to receive their transcript. Please email [email protected] to request one.

Yes, absolutely. We would just have to create two different accounts for them in our School Portal.

It really depends if you would like your students to take lessons individually (1-on-1) or in groups (2-5 students). It is also helpful to know if you would like them to take lessons on a daily,weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Sign up for a free consultation so we may understand which package would be best for you.

No way! Whenever you finish your module you paid for, it’s up to you whether you want to buy more or not. Atlanta Spanish Immersion does not charge any automatic or recurring payments.

We use the free class trial to determine you or child’s level. During the trial, we’ll also discuss specific learning goals in order to customize language classes to address the students’ needs. And if the student has never studied Spanish before, don’t worry! We’ll start their Spanish classes at the beginning of Level A1.

1-on-1 Classes have a 12 month expiration date. For example, if you buy a package of 10 classes, you may complete these 10 hours within a year of your official first lesson. We will work on your schedule. You may even take a break from classes and take your remaining hours some other time. Obviously, if an emergency arises, we will work with you to extend your expiration date.

Yes. Although our videoconferencing technology has minimal computer and speed connection requirements, we use the free class trial to ensure everything works properly to guarantee hassle-free classes. Also, if you’ve studied Spanish in the past, we use the class trial to determine the student’s current proficiency level and language needs to customize a curriculum to fit their requirements.

After taking the free lesson. The student or their parent will need to purchase a package of hours. Once they have registered for a package of hours, the student will be assigned to a teacher (or multiple depending on the intensity of their package) from our team, whose profiles coincide with their learning needs and goals (which we will have evaluated during the trial class). They will have access to their calendars and will always be able to schedule classes using our platform, at least 24 hours in advance.

If you decide to have class with more than one teacher, don ́t worry: your teachers will have access to all of your academic information, including a detailed record of what you have done class by class, which allows us to guarantee a pedagogical continuity during your classes.

Additionally, your teacher will always follow the Personal Lesson Plan (PLP) that will have been created by our Instructional Design team, especially for you, at the beginning of the course, based on your specific needs and goals.

We encourage all of our students or their parents to download Whatsapp, which is a great free resource to have immediate communication with your teacher just in case there are any technical difficulties.

No worries! Just communicate with your teacher to let them know 24 hours before your next lesson via our School Portal.

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