Lower School

Ages: 5-12 | Typical class length: 30 minutes

Have your young learner become fluent before high school! Give them a strong foundation and show them how easy it is to make Spanish a part of their everyday life.

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Program Overview


Personalized Instrucción

Start with 1-3 lessons each week, or progress to more intensive courses of 4+ lessons per week.


Age-Specific Lesson Plans

All lessons are tailored to each student’s age and unique learning needs.


Fun and Engaging

Our courses are long enough to pack in knowledge yet short enough to keep your learner’s attention.


Flexible Lessons

Benefit from a flexible approach with multiple educational teams assigned to a learner as needed.


Classes in Pairs

If your child has a friend or sibling that is around the same level. They can take lessons together, which can make the program more affordable for families


Safe Cultural Experience

Our hand-picked educators immerse learners in the rich culture and heritage of the Spanish language.

Who is this program for?

We are able to be the child’s main teacher or serve as a tutor if they are taking Spanish in school already.

Students in our Lower School course are generally at A0 – A1:

  • They have little to no knowledge of the Spanish language;
  • The program is ideal for establishing a knowledge base for new learners.

Lower School FAQs

This isn’t your ordinary Spanish class! Our certified educators use immersion teaching methods adapted to each student’s needs. This prepares learners for the real-world with lessons tailored to their goals and interests – all in a fun and interactive environment!

Does your learner have a foundational understanding of Spanish? Our Lower School course can help students take their fluency to the next level! Receive one-on-one instruction and help learners achieve a higher cultural and contextual knowledge of Español.

We have an extensive hiring process for our teachers to ensure that our students have an enriching experience and opportunity to engage in conversation from the comfort of their home.

We use an immersion method to adapt to the goals, interests, situations that the student desires to be prepared for in Speaking.

All Package Features:

Live 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 (students must be same level)instruction—- Flexible Scheduling—- Assigned Homework—- Earn High School/College Credit—–Multiple students can be included in package— Payment Options for 40 hours or more—- 30 or 60 minute lesson length option

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