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Classroom time is invaluable, but a school’s budgetary reality constrains how much time can be dedicated to each student. They need time to receive feedback on speech, pronunciation, practice quick thinking during conversations, and be able to ask clarifying questions on personal roadblocks on their fluency journey.

Let our dedicated native Spanish instructors push your students beyond what they could do on their own and help lift your entire class’s performance.

Individual Attention

Colleges offer school credit for a few weeks’ immersive experience in a native-speaking country. Why? When you’re exposed to the language in conversation regularly, you rapidly develop skills you were missing in the classroom.

Actively Practicing

Memorization, watching videos, reading books—they’re all vital components of learning another language, but their passive nature means they can only take a student so far.

Just as with other disciplines, practicing a skill is a superior method of learning. ASI gives your students the chance to engage with native speakers and learn the nuances of language, such as accents and phrasing.

Real World Ready

Knowing a language and speaking it are vastly different. Knowing does not mean you are ready or able to speak in a fluent conversation.


Tutoring & Conversational Sessions

Supplement your curriculum by giving students the opportunity to practice what they’re learning in real-world settings.

Set up individual or group tutoring sessions guided by one of our native, certified instructors. Our tutors act as a resource for your classroom, providing in-depth guidance on grammar, vocabulary, and cultural nuances. This gives your students a new way to practice their skills from the comfort of their own homes.


Curricula & Teachers

Gain access to a fully developed Spanish curriculum for your students. As a comprehensive Spanish language solution, ASI keeps students on-pace to complete a semester or years’ worth of Spanish work across lessons, homework, exams, and more.

Our high-quality Spanish teachers will take a hands-on approach with students, providing detailed instruction that helps learners start speaking Spanish from day one.

Who is this program for?

From weekly tutoring lessons to a monthly conversational class. Our partnerships vary with public, private, charter & home schools across the US. We have a wide range of teachers suited to work from Elementary all the way to College age students.

Support Early Elementary Learning

School Partnership courses provide an easy way to expand your Spanish curriculum for younger students. The early educational years are the best time to instill language learning, and a School Partnership gives you an easy way to share these studies at an affordable rate.

Reinforce Concepts for Advanced Learners or Heritage Speakers

There are many steps to becoming conversationally fluent, and language skills need continual reinforcement as students progress throughout their studies. School Partnerships help your curriculum support these students with advanced learning concepts suitable for older students – perfect for AP testing and college preparation.

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Live 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 (students must be same level) instruction — Flexible Scheduling — Assigned Homework — Earn High School/College Credit — Multiple students can be included in package — Payment Options for 40 hours or more — 30 or 60 minute lesson length option

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