Upper School

Ages: 11 to 18 | Suggestion lesson length: 30 or 60 minutes

Upper School (11-18 years old): Go beyond what you can achieve in school alone. Achieve the high school foreign language requirement for college admissions and conquer your Advanced Placement (AP & IB) exams with your newfound knowledge in real-life conversations and mastery of Spanish grammar.

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Why ASÍ?


Personalized Instrucción

Start with 1-3 lessons each week, or progress to more intensive courses of 4+ lessons per week.


Age-Specific Lesson Plans

All lessons are tailored to each student’s age and unique learning needs.


Individual/Paired Lessons

Get one-on-one instruction to boost your skills, or select more affordable group learning options.


Flexible Lessons

Benefit from a flexible approach with multiple educational teams assigned to each learner as needed.


Regular Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-ins that measure proficiency for DELE, AP placement, and more.


Safe Cultural Experience

Our hand-picked educators immerse learners in the rich culture and heritage of the Spanish language.


Foreign Language Credit

Looking for college credit? ASÍ’s program satisfies the high school foreign language requirement for college admissions.

All Package Features:

Live 1-on-1 instruction—- Flexible Scheduling—Proficiency Test Included— Assigned Homework—- Earn High School/College Credit—–Multiple students can be included in package— Payment Installment for All Packages—- 30 or 60 minute lesson length option

Who is this program for?

Whether your background is in public, private charter, or homeschooling education, we have instructors that will meet your learning needs.

Specifically, ASI’s Upper School course is designed for students ages 5-18:

  • Further develop your Spanish with focused coursework in grammar, language, and writing;
  • The perfect choice to take your Spanish to the next level.

Upper School FAQs

Don’t let a lack of experience hold you back! Our Upper School program is designed to be accessible to learners of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Each course can be tailored to your knowledge level, ensuring you get the exact instruction needed to develop your Spanish fluency.

Looking to fast-track your Spanish educación? API’s coursework provides language credits that fulfill high school and university requirements. Get a head start in your education, whether you’re seeking early high school language credits or preparation for AP exams. Our certified teachers will help you achieve the credentials you need to support your long-term educational goals.

Students who need to be accredited high school foreign language credit

Students who need to complete multiple semesters of Spanish in a short time period.

Students who are seeking an alternative program or independent study program for credit.

  • Middle school students who want to complete their high school foreign language credit early
  • High school students who want to take the AP Spanish Exam, but do not have enough room in their schedule to take the class

Students wanting to achieve Spanish speaking and listening fluency.

Advanced Spanish speakers who need Spanish levels 2, 3, or 4.

Students from bilingual backgrounds who need to focus on Spanish grammar and advanced concepts.

We use an immersion method to adapt to the goals, interests, situations that the student desires to be prepared for in Speaking.

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