Practice Spanish Abroad

A fully immersive experience planned from your airport pick up to when you go back home. Come live and learn Spanish as you fully experience life in a beautiful city in Latin America from 1–4 weeks.

Travel-to-Learn, Your Way

From high school, college, to adult group trips, and individual excursions, explore all that Latin America has to offer in a tailored experience that feels more like a vacation than the language study program it is.


Ciudad de México, México

Santiago, Chile

Medellín, Colombia

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lima, Perú

Quito, Ecuador

San José, Costa Rica

*** These are the cities that you will be at, but there will be excursions outside of the host city for example: Cucso/Machu Picchu for Peru; Iguazu Falls for Argentina; etc…

High School Discovery

Get a head start for college prep and practice your Spanish daily on this high school language immersion and service program. From performing community service to visiting breathtaking sights, this is a can’t-miss way to experience the amazing city of Buenos Aires.

Find out how to qualify for this life-changing experience.

College Immersion

Join other college students in exploring another culture and live how the locals do as you earn college credits and master your Spanish conversational skills.

Learn how to earn college credits while discovering another country.

Group Experience

Explore one of the 7 wonders of the world, or just enjoy yourself at a local café. Our group trips are for ages 14+ and will reveal rich local cultures all while you perfect your Spanish.

Discover which destination is right for you by connecting with one of our trip experts.

Explore On your Own

Want a personalized experience just for you? From volunteering to working with local companies to exploring all that a country has to offer, we can create an immersive experience for you with our partners in the Latin American country of your choice.

“I Am Impressed”

My 6 and 9 year old daughters love the engagement and accessibility of the teacher they are working with. We have tried different types of lessons but this one is the best by far. My girls can’t wait for class and are asking for more. I am impressed as a teacher, they are doing it right!!!


Coleman| Happy Parent


Study Abroad tuition costs $2,500/$3,500 plus airfare – providing for daily activities, accommodations, excursions, and some meals.


Typical groups include 14-16 students with two group leaders. Trips can be from 15 to 30 days.


Immersive Learning

Develop your Spanish skills while working alongside locals.

Authentic Culture

Meet native speakers and get acquainted with the rich culture and history of each destination.

World-Class Sights

Visit breathtaking local sights, such as Iguazú Falls – the largest waterfall in the world or Machu Picchu!

Community Support

Connect with locals and work together to complete community projects.

Example: A Day in the Life

What does a typical day look like for our Study Abroad students? While everyone’s experience is different, here’s a snapshot of an ideal day.

  • 8 am: Prepare breakfast with your host family, and head to language lessons
  • 9 am: Spanish lessons
  • 1 pm: Have lunch with your language teachers and share a Cafecito
  • 2 pm: Meet your group leader for an excursion
  • 6 pm: Extracurricular activity – music, dance, sport, socializing, pick-up fútbol, etc.
  • 8 pm: Help cook dinner with your host family

What to Expect

Improve your fluency in Spanish by building vocabulary and confidence in speaking, while exploring the local culture through community service work and interactions with local friends. Each day, leaders hold dynamic conversational language lessons designed to help you let go of your inhibitions and communicate more easily, including hands-on elements such as scavenger hunts, games, and informal interviews.

All students, agree to abide by the Language Pledge, a formal commitment to speak, listen, read, and write the language of the host nation as the only means of communication for the entire duration of the program. It is the foundation of all of our intensive immersion programs and will help produce significant improvement in proficiency.

Enroll in a meaningful service-learning course at your host school, volunteer on projects with nonprofits, teach at local schools or take advantage of other opportunities in your host community.

Independent Projects allow individuals to design and to execute a credit-bearing course with the help of their host school.

Students will be involved in light physical activities, and you can expect to spend most of each day outside; walking around the city or participating in service activities.

The main type of accommodation that is offered is living with a local host family. This will help create a full immersion experience for the student to be able to experience living with a family that is familiar with the city.

(There are other accommodations available depending on the request of the students)

During homestays, students will share dinner with their homestay families during the weekday at least 3 times a week. Breakfast will usually be light and be provided by the host family.

Next Steps

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