Teacher Training

Whether you’re already teaching students or are interested in becoming a certified Spanish educator, ASÍ can help. We offer certification courses for existing and would-be instructors of all professional levels to help you take your Spanish teaching career to the next level.

Become a Spanish Teacher

Share your passion about the beautiful Hispanic world and help your students achieve fluency in the Spanish language.

A virtual program that can be taken regardless of your location, meet our instructors, practice with students of all levels, and receive live feedback.

Benefits of Being a Spanish Teacher

  • Become an ELE (Spanish as a second language) instructor
  • 4-month course, estimated hours per week
    • 8 to 10 hours asynchronous
    • 1 hours of live online lessons with instructor
  • Face-to-face, virtual training
  • International certification
  • For native and non-native speakers (Minimum required level C1)

Grow as an Instructor

Continue your professional development with continued education and certification. Achieve linguistic instructor mastery by learning to adapt to any context and type of student with high degree of precision.

Benefits of Professional Development Course

  • Enhance your existing teaching skill set
  • International certification
  • Learn powerful active learning methodology
  • Create, design and test online tools and activities
  • Receive professional development credit
  • Gain access to a network of Spanish teachers all over the globe

Why ASÍ?

International Certification

ASÍ works with experts from Latin America and specialized teachers across the globe to provide world-class education to our teachers and students. Our program is supported by Elebaires and the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, an internationally-recognized certification.

Benefit From a Virtual Curriculum

Our ELE courses are offered completely virtually, letting you earn your teaching credentials from the comfort of home. Leverage our educational platform to complete work remotely and observe virtual classes to expand your skillset.

Who is this program for

The new teacher course is intended to provide the essential skills educators need to start teaching Spanish as a foreign language for both native and non-native speakers. (Minimum required level C1.)

Our professional development curriculum accommodates instructors at all levels.

Get an Edge With Our Detailed Curriculum

Our multi-unit curriculum gives educators everything they need to start teaching Spanish as a second language. ASÍ breaks everything down step-by-step to understand how to approach coursework, how to plan classes, and how to help students get the most out of their education.

Theoretical and Practical Modules

Just as it is with students, educators need both theoretical and hands-on learning to get the most out of their studies. That’s why ASÍ offers rich coursework that covers both theoretical learning modules alongside practical application. These modules support deep pedagogical insights that set our educators apart in the workforce.

Powerful Active Learning Methodology

Typical foreign language instruction sets the bar very low for students because it relies on passive learning methods and memorization. We teach you how to use the power of active learning to bridge the attention gap and create genuine, comprehensive understanding in your students.

Next Steps for Teachers

If you’re curious about our ELE certification course, the next step is to reach out and make contact with our teaching team. Your new teaching career is only a click away!

“I am extremely impressed by the copious amounts of information and resources ASI has given me. In anticipation of teaching AP Spanish next year, I decided to enroll in ASI to be sure I was fully prepared. I most definitely am! The range of knowledge and experience of the people I have worked with prove that ASI is able to support everyone…”

Lisa Soares

| High School Spanish Teacher

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